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Advertising in the magazine, the newspaper, on radio or TV this is correct marketing decision!
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Media advertising

Placement of advertising in mass media is one of top-priority services of the agency. We have experience in this sphere for more than 10 years. Partnership relations with leading and regional media let us reach any audience. Advertisements placement in newspapers and magazines, on radio and TV channels is the most effective way of goods and services promotion for mass customers.

Размещение рекламы в региональной прессе  (СМИ)Advertisements placement and carrying out of campaigns in PRINTED PRESS
“Best Media” agency works with editions of national, regional and city importance. Our partners are the biggest native publishing houses and independent publishers. Their focuses are the most various:

  • business newspapers and magazines,
  • publications of socio-political,
  • specialized and entertaining character

For the clients interested in advertising services in press we can offer standard variants of placement as well as non-traditional ones:

  • development and realization of special projects,
  • carrying out of advertising activities together with publishers,
  • creative layouts and original effective ways of advertisements placement.  

We also render services of MEDIA PLANNING, MEDIA BUYING, and provide MAGNIFICAL, up to 40%, DISCOUNTS in a range of editions:

Advertisements placement on the RADIO
Размещение рекламы на РАДИО - Реклама на радиоRadio is a flexible, relatively inexpensive, all-pervading advertising vehicle with broad reach. It is listened to in a car, office, house, summer residence and even in a bed. Music, latest news, information about “traffic jams on the streets” and trade floor analytics, shows of popular hosts – all of these is radio. Our specialists have rich experience in development and carrying out of advertising campaigns on the radio. We will choose necessary radio stations with the audience specificity required for the advertising of your goods and/or services. We also develop and write scenarios and organize recording of radio advertisements.  

Advertisements placement on TV
Размещение рекламы на ТВ - Реклама на телевидении (телеканалах)Advertisements placement on TV is the most effective way of impact on mass audience. That’s why this “weapon” of mass advertising reach has corresponding price. Placement of advertisements on TV requires accurate calculation and planning. “Best Media” agency develops effective plan of advertisements placement on TV. For example, we had in our practice frequent cases when soon after communication with a customer it becomes clear that the customer needs only particular regions of Russia for advertising impact. In other words, there is no necessity to put expensive advertisement on the air all over the country. In this case we offer to our customer an advertising campaign on TV taking into account suitable geographic targeting. Eventually we receive the planned result of the campaign and decrease costs by multiple times.

“Best Media” has great experience in work with regional TV channels of different focuses without limitation to the foregoing. Our agency will help in cooperation with all leading and specialized TV channels.


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